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Due to an increased awareness of indoor air quality and consumer demand, Rainbow distributors in many markets across the globe are currently seeking individuals to fill a variety of roles. You can join the thousands of people across the globe who have realized a more abundant lifestyle in the Rainbow business. You do not have to be a professional or have previous sales experience. You will receive training from experienced professionals and provided with ongoing support and tools to help you succeed.

We have part and full time management positions available

If you are looking for a lifestyle that can be managed on your terms, come and join our amazing team. You will meet mothers that work from home, fathers that work for us part time and even business owners who want to bring in a second steady revenue stream. We offer the flexibility that you want and the hours you provide are controlled by you. - Full support - Best product training - Weekly open houses - Room for advancement - Amazing perks - Travel - Paid Trips - Car Giveaways

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Vince & Tots Williams

“Our family has been with Rainbow since 1950. With new products and programs we are now more excited about the opportunity with Rainbow then ever. The Rainbow is simply awesome and a must for every household."

Mary Hopkins

“I’ve been with Rainbow for over 20 years, I’ve enjoyed traveling with the Rainbow team. I’ve meet so many people that have become friends in the business. My hours are flexible and my working environment is nothing like a regular job. I enjoy helping our Rainbow team grow”

Navada Williams

Administrative assistant
“I have been in Rainbow for 2 years and I am currently part-time. I really enjoy the opportunity to help people and at the same time I have the flexibility to work at the office and attend college without the interference that a regular job has. I can make my own hours, not many careers offer that”

Steele Williams

“ I really enjoy helping other people achieve their goals while at the same time I am achieving my goals. Rainbow is such a great fit for me. I have so many hobbies and with Rainbow I am able to afford the things that otherwise I would have to put off. The company is awesome, and you have the privilege to work with Great people from all over the country.”

Michael Moore

Executive, Customer Relations
“I’ve been in Rainbow for over 25 years, the Rainbow Opportunity is better than ever. I have been able to travel the world thanks to Rainbow. The Rainbow SRX is also a certified air cleaner and during these challenging times people really benefit from the air cleaning abilities of the Rainbow. I love that many of our customers become Rainbow representatives, that’s how great the Rainbow products and the Rainbow opportunity is."